Legal Online Poker Rooms For U.S. Players

Legal online poker rooms are open to players from all over the world, including the United States. Finding legal poker rooms is somewhat difficult nowadays, but we have managed to pull out the best of the best, delivering a fair and legitimate gaming experience every step of the way. If you want to participate, you will not have any trouble getting involved if you stick to the options that are available.

The online poker laws are not too troublesome, and you will be able to begin gaming the moment you sign up. We have tested out these sites, and we have explored the laws, all in order to make sure anyone that consults will be safe when they go to play online. Provided you follow our advice, you will not be penalized for gambling online or for playing legal online poker for real money.

Is Online Poker Legal?

Playing poker online can be done in the U.S. legally from two fronts, one of which is making a resurgence across the country. There are some states in the U.S. making noteworthy moves that could have an enormous impact on the future of online poker and online gambling in general in terms of state regulation. Currently, online poker can legally be played in the U.S. in certain parts of the country, while the entire United States is able to enjoyable regulated poker offshore.

Nevada is perhaps the most well-known gambling state in the U.S., so it only makes sense that they would be making the initial push for legalized Internet poker. They passed such a bill in 2013 that would regulate online poker and allow for other states in the future to get regulate their online poker industry through Nevada's Gaming Control Board. Nevada is not alone in this quest, with states like New Jersey preparing to deploy their online gambling sites of the Atlantic City Casinos, and Delaware also in on the action.

But like we mentioned, even states where online poker regulation is not conducted by the state, residents are able to play Internet poker legally at sites outside of the U.S. These types of sites do not violated American law. And within those laws, betting online is omitted - only the operation of such sites is the cornerstone of the language.

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Legal Online Poker Sites For US Players

Few of the legal online poker rooms that are available to U.S. residents have made it through our rigorous testing. If you decide to look into why we have chosen these poker rooms, you will see that we have accentuated fair play above anything else. In joining these poker rooms you will be able to make easy deposits through a secure cashier, as well as a number of funding methods, as well as rapid withdrawals.

Online poker rooms must also provide their users with fair games - no bad beats on every other hand. If you stick to the options we have found, you will never have to worry about being ripped off or otherwise cheated out of your money. Our poker rooms are only the best, as we do not provide our players with a subpar gaming experience. After being ripped off by some of the worst online poker rooms, we decided that we would only stick to those with honorable mention.

Legal USA Poker Rooms
Poker Bonuses
Visit Poker Site
Bovada Poker Review
110% up to $1,000 Poker Bonus Poker
100% up to $1,000 Poker Bonus
BetOnline Poker Review
100% up to $900 Poker Bonus

Bovada Poker Room - This Is The Best And Most Popular Online Poker Site That Accept U.S. Residents

100% up to $1,000
Poker Bonus
Texas Hold'em, Ohama,

Bovada is one poker room we have always relied on for fair gaming and easy access. The poker room through their service gives easy access through simple deposits, including VISA and wire transfers. A 100% match to $1,000 offers players a huge cash infusion, which is one of the best bonuses ever offered. Should you decide to stick to this service, you will find that every major form of poker can be located directly through their service.

Bovada's options are nearly limitless. Cash games and tournaments alike can be found on various forms of poker, including Texas Hold'em as well as variations of Omaha + 7 Card Stud such as Hi/Lo. A $100,000 guarantee tournament is hosted weekly. They have a number of different options for extra play, including a way to engage in various heads up tournaments.

BetOnline Poker Room - BetOnline Has One Of The Best Poker Rooms Available After Black Friday

100% up to $1,000
US Poker Bonus
Hold'em, Ohama,
Razz, H.O.R.S.E.

BetOnline is a fantastic legal online poker room to check out if you are an American player looking for a place to get down on some poker action. Poker at BetOnline is completely legal to create an account for and deposit into.

The poker room here has some great features, of which players must take notice of the amazing bonus option offered up here. The bonus allows players to get as much as $900. But it's not just in the amount, it's the fact that this bonus spans every deposit made into an account by the player. This bonus can be used to play cash games and tournaments, in a variety of different formats on site. Poker Room - Another One Of The Most Popular Legal Poker Rooms Among US Players

100% up to $900
Poker Bonus For US Players
Texas Hold'em, Ohama,
Razz, H.O.R.S.E.

American players can trust that the poker room at is legal to participate in, as they happily accept players from all 50 states. This legal online poker room offers their account holder some great features, while performing a high quality service to keep them coming back.

Over $150,000 in tournament prize money is award each month at, for which players can get in on plenty of tournament action to try and claim their share of that. But if tournaments aren't your forte, that's fine, there are plenty of tables and cash games to take advantage of as well.

Are Online Poker Sites Regulated In The U.S.?

The online poker sites that are running in Nevada, as well as the ones on the schedule to soon be in operation will all be regulated here in the United States. As online poker players, we have been used to playing at offshore sites, because they accept American players and they are completely legal to participate in. Residents in the states like Nevada, and other states where online poker bills have been passed, will have those sites state regulated though. Only residents and visitors to the state will be able to legally play at these sites though, as U.S. players that are elsewhere will continue with offshore sites as their legal outlet.

The state of Nevada has two legal and regulated online poker sites up and running for their residents and visitors to the state. However beginning in November of 2013 there will be several more coming from New Jersey. When New Jersey launches their legalized Internet casinos, online poker will be one of the biggest parts to that. It will be the largest legal Internet poker project regulated in the U.S., with a dozen of the Atlantic City casinos involved. This means that legal U.S. online poker will increase exponentially. The effect that this will have on the rest of the country cannot be measured at this point, only speculated.

U.S. Online Poker Laws

At the federal level, there is one law that specifically addresses Internet poker in the U.S. based on site operation. Outside of federal laws, there is the potential for state laws to also enforce different rules and regulations.

UIGEA - In 2006, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has complicated the whole affair of online gambling. The UIGEA has done nothing but make people assume that online gambling is a crime, but it does not actually make it a crime. What the UIGEA does is make it a crime for gambling sites to accept payments from American residents. As a result of this, online gambling sites in the U.S. were effectively banned though actually placing a bet online is still legal. This is why offshore sites have played a key role in legal online poker today. There has been no move toward making it a crime to actually gamble online, so you will not have to worry about much when it comes to gaming.

State Poker Laws In The United States

Here is where the regulation and legalization of online poker can get interesting, because states have the power to pass and implement their own regulatory practices. What states already do is set the legal age to gamble in their area. This is not a federal law, this is left up to each of the states. States which have been strong advocates of legal Internet gambling in the U.S. have taken advantage of the ability to pass other forms of legislation however.

The best examples of this appear in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. Each of these three states has already passed and are either currently regulated or making plans to regulate online poker. The rest of the 47 states in the U.S. have not yet passed legislation, but there are states that have interest in the matter, and have tried before.

FEDERAL Wire Act Of 1962

The Federal Wire Act is a law that at one point covered the three main forms of gambling, which are casinos, poker, and sports betting. The Wire Act is designed to prevent gambling businesses from using wire forms of communication practices in the process of accepting a bet or wager that is made. However, as of 2011, the Wire Act now specifically only targets betting on sports.

This is good news for those in the online poker world, however they still have to deal with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act at the federal level. And unless a state where a sit wants to operate decides to try and go forward with some kind of local legislation, this will continue to hold true. For now though, the Wire Act encompasses only real money wagered on sports betting.

More About Legal Online Poker In The Unites States

We've talked about the legal status regarding playing poker on the Internet in the United States, as far as what laws are in place and what can and can't be done. But other important aspects of online poker include the practical usage of the sites American players are allowed to sign up for accounts. U.S. players should be aware of available funding methods, and the process they will come into contact with when they want to get a payout. Furthermore, the practice of accepting a poker bonus and what that entails.

Poker Deposits - It Takes Money To Make Money

Following the creation of an account at one of the real money poker sites we list, players will then need to make a deposit to play and win real money on site. To do that, a method of deposit will have to be chosen from the available options at the site. Each site will have their unique methods and limits that go along with funding an account.

There are some deposit methods that players can expect to see, especially if this is a site for USA players. Credit cards are a great way for online poker sites to reach out to players from the U.S. different credit card depositing options will most definitely be available to go through as a normal online transaction. The funds instantly go into a player's account. But of course not everyone will have a credit card available, or might prefer other methods. Poker rooms will likely have several alternatives to credit cards, such as electronic transfers like a Western Union or a MoneyGram, two very popular methods at U.S. sites. The important thing to remember here though is to check out the methods available on site to make sure they meet your needs.

Poker Deposit Bonuses - Legal Poker Sites Give Free Money When You Deposit!

Free money is real nice. It's even nicer when free money turns into even more money with wins at the poker table. In your search for poker site that is legal, you will be met with various bonus options. That's all they are, options. Some are certainly worth looking into, while others might not be what you are looking for. In general, poker bonuses will go off a deposit, and match a percentage of that deposit to put into your account. Be aware of the rollover requirements for the bonus. A rollover is the amount of times that the bonus plus the deposit will need to be played before it's available to be withdrawn.

Poker Payouts + Withdrawals - Winning Means Nothing Without Getting Paid

Like we talked about the different deposit options being offered at online poker rooms which are legal, the same can be said for withdrawal + payout options. Poker sites will have various ways to pay their players, whether the player wants to empty their account or just take some of it out. The banking and cashier section will have the options listed, likely lead by checks through the mail or a courier, and other electronic transfers. Checks are very popular and common methods for U.S. online poker sites, because they are easy to send to the U.S. Remember that these sites are set up offshore, so it could take a few weeks to get it.

Checks won't be the only available option though, as players are likely to see Western Union and MoneyGram options as well. Some poker rooms will even offer bank wires. Either way, a withdrawal request will need to be filled out and approved by the poker room, which takes roughly 24 hours.

Final Thoughts About Legal Online Poker Rooms

While we've fed you a lot of research and information that is very relevant and important for online poker players, we want to take this opportunity to state that more information is available out there specific to your area. We are not lawyers, only dedicated researchers and players familiar with the topic.

Legal questions specific to your state can be answered by your local government officials or even a local attorney that can give you a free consultation to answer your questions if you happen to have more than what we went over on this page. The goal here is not just to pay online poker legally, but it's to provide you with safe and regulated options in the process.

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