Bovada Poker Room Is Legal For U.S. Players

Bovada Poker does not call the United States home even though their primary focus is on the American player, which is part of why it is the best of all legal online poker rooms. It's not because they don't want to operate in the U.S., it's because under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, they simply can't without violating the law. But for those who are interested, Bovada still accepts American players, where it is legal to sign up for an account with them.

There are ample reasons why it is a good idea to go with Bovada, whether it's the games offered, deposit methods, payouts, or other features. But the best overall asset to the U.S. player is the fact that Bovada can be played legally for actual money. Learn more about the legal implications and features that come into play when the American play opts to go with them, below.

How Is Bovada Legal For USA Players?

Bovada is not based in the United States, so they don't have to comply with the federal restraints against online gambling sites. It’s really as simple as that. Of course the second part that often gets lost in translation is the fact that poker players have the right to sign up at these sites like Bovada legally, so long as the site allows them to create an account. Doing so does not violate the UIGEA, because we are dealing with an offshore poker room.

If online poker ever does become legal at the federal level, it is still likely that Bovada's online poker room will have to operate offshore due to laws that will likely prohibit sites which did allow Americans when it was banned. That however is a risk worth taking for Bovada, because they are meeting the demands of many, many U.S. players.

Can U.S. Legally Deposit Into Bovada?

Yes, a legal sign up and creation of an account translates into legal deposits. American players will be funding their account at the home base of Bovada, which isn't in the U.S., and because of that is legal.

Legal Deposit Options Accepted At Bovada

Three legal deposit options exist for U.S. players on site. It just so happens that there are options to deposit period so, you guessed it, all options that are on the table are legal for players in the U.S. to deposit into Bovada.

Visa Card - Account holders can use any form of a Visa card to fund their Bovada poker account. A credit card is but one option, with a debit feature allowed as well. But even if a player wants to go with a prepaid card, or a Visa gift card, this is accepted as well.

Western Union Transfer - Wire money through Western Union, and instantly fund your Bovada account without inputting any credit card numbers or other information. The Western Union transfer will be in a player's account within minutes after the Bovada cashier receives it.

MoneyGram - The MoneyGram is another form of 'Rapid Transfer' that will be available for online poker players at Bovada to deposit with. MoneyGram can be obtained at hundreds of locations across the U.S.

Bonus For Depositing Into Bovada's Poker Site

While users will have several easy ways in which they can deposit their funds, there is also an opportunity to earn free cash in the process. Bovada offers a 100 percent poker bonus on an account holder's first-day deposits matched up to $1,000. This bonus is earned over the course of 60 days, in which the more a user plays at the tables, the more 'poker points' they earn which translates directly into bonus cash. There is no need to worry about a rollover because of the fact that the bonus is predicated on how much a user hits the tables to gain points within the first two months.

Bovada Withdrawals And Payout Options

There are plenty of ways and opportunities to win money when Americans play online poker at Bovada. Once a player chooses to get a payout, whether all or only partial, Bovada has a specific process to follow.

It's pretty standard and straightforward, with the request form needed to be completed and submitted to the cashier for final approval. On the form will be the preferred payout method. The options are a check through a courier, or either one of the two rapid transfer options that can also be used in a deposit (Western Union, MoneyGram).

Bovada Games + Tournaments

If you are choosing to go with Bovada, or still trying to make up your mind, one of the most important parts to discuss will be the available poker games and options to win money right? Bovada is home to arguably the best online poker room in the world. They continually try to improve by adding new things and listening to their customers. New tournament formats for Omaha were created as well as formats in heads up, knock out, and shoot outs.

Bovada allows players to compete in multiple arenas at a time. Players can bet getting after it in a tournament, while still also in a cash games or a Sit-And-Go tournament simultaneously. Bovada allows players to be in on 20 tables at one time! That's about as much poker as any one person can handle!

Overall Assessment Of Bovada Poker

Bovada is one of the highest quality online poker rooms that you will find, available for all systems, including Macs as of 2014. They cater to American players in 47 states, excluding Washington, New York and Maryland. Those states in which they do allow players will have the chance to play all kinds of different real money poker games and formats for real money, legally.

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