Regulation Of Legal Online Poker In The USA

Advocates of legal online poker in the U.S. state that the game should be legal for a number of reasons. First of all, is it really even gambling? Many would argue the fact that it's a skill. If it were not, why would the best in the world continually be on the biggest stages? One thing's for sure, and that is that poker is not like spinning a slot machine, or trying your hand at roulette. There is certainly a higher level of strategy and skill involved. But as of now, poker is still grouped in the gambling family, though the legalization and regulation of it in the United States could be in for some big changes on the horizon.

At the federal level, online poker is not regulated in the United States. Actually in fact, online poker sites are banned under the federal government of the U.S. Check out the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act for that. But states with strong beliefs in legalizing online poker are fighting back the only way they know how, passing their own set of governing laws for regulation. By no means is it overtaking the U.S., but a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.

What Is The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act ?

The UIGEA is the law preventing online gambling sites from operating here in the United States. It does this by banning the methods used by the site to accept and process monetary transactions made for a bet. This extends to poker, casinos, and sports betting on the Internet. Whether or not intentional to leave out though, is the fact that American residents can continue to play legally at sites not in the United States.

Are There Currently States Where Regulated Online Poker Is Being Conducted?

Yes, and in fact there are more on the way. There have been several pushes at the federal level for the legalization of online gambling, but have thus far been unsuccessful. States on the other hand have the power to produce legislation for their own regulation. And you can probably conjure up an educated guess about the states taking charge of this issue in the U.S. Yes that's right, Nevada and New Jersey. But they are not the only ones. In fact, Delaware has played a significant role as well.

Nevada has taken it as far as already having online poker sites for their residents and those visiting the state to participate in. The house bill was passed in the spring of 2013, and went through very fast. One of the reasons it went through so fast is because of the fact that the state wanted to beat out New Jersey. Nevada prides itself on being the leader for gambling in the country, and wanted to have state-regulated poker first.

New Jersey will have legalized online poker by the start of 2014, covering all 12 Atlantic City casinos. There will be plenty of Internet poker action those in New Jersey can play.

State Regulated Poker Sites

We mentioned that there are in fact sites regulated and legalized in certain states of the U.S. Below, read about one of the ones from Nevada, what they offer, and how players can sign up.

Ultimate Poker - The first regulated poker room in the United States

Ultimate Poker is the foremost legalized and regulated online poker site in the state of Nevada. This site is backed 100 percent by the Nevada Gaming Commission, where residents at least 21 years old in the state and tourists alike have the chance to play for real money.

To play, a download of the software is required along with the creation of an account. Players can be assured their information is safe, as it is secured with Nevada's gaming governing bodies. To deposit, there are 16 casino stations in the state centered on the Las Vegas area. Depositing and withdrawing can occur here. In addition, a check through the mail, bank wire, or a deposit through a checking account is available.

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