Poker Is Legal For U.S. Players

Of all the different legal online poker sites for U.S. players, is definitely one that should be checked out when trying to find the best one that suits them. They have many features that players will find to their liking. But in general for poker players in the United States, sites that are legal should warrant the attention. Fortunately there are many sites out there where American players can play.

This page is dedicated specifically to's legality relating to players in the United States, and which USA players can create accounts. Additionally, the legal aspects of the online poker room are discussed as well, such as the means in which a player is able to get in on real money action, plus more.

Does Operate In The United States?

No, does not set up their operation inside the U.S., because that would violate the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act which was established and implemented back in 2006. This is a federal law which essentially disallows gambling sites from accepting money for bets and wagers.

Because of this, is actually based in Panama, though players from the United States can legally create accounts and bet real money to win real money. This can be done because while in Panama, the UIGEA simply doesn't apply. wants American players at their site, which is why they are accepted. And American players can legally play because the UIGEA applies only to the sites.

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Can U.S. Players Deposit Real Money Legally Into

We know that it's fine to create an account and sign up at as American players, but can actual real money deposits be made? Yes they sure can. U.S. players can make legal deposits into using several methods.

Legal Deposit Methods

Making a deposit into will give the account holder few different choices to pick from. One of the first things that will probably catch their eye will be the two credit cards choices. This is because at, a credit card deposit is the most popular option that is selected. The cards available are a Visa and an American Express. Of the two, it's the Visa that is most common, but the American Express deposit is used quite often too.

There is a noticeable slip in the players that choose other methods, likely because of the ease of access with the credit card. But a Western Union wire transfer or a MoneyGram transfer is actually very convenient as well. These will instantly wire the money to SportsBetting's poker website and will be credited by the cashier. The same process takes place for a money order, though that could take longer for it to be received.

All of these options that were mentioned are available to players in the United States and legal to be used. So you can see that it's quite nice to have different choices.

Deposit Limits For SportsBetting's Online Poker Room

One of the important aspects of the funding process at SportsBetting is to know the limits that come along with each available option. SportsBetting deposits breakdown into several subcategories within a generic funding method, but the nice thing is that these limits are typically consistent. For examples, a minimum deposit of $50 is required for all credit card and wire transfers. For the maximum there are some differences, such as Visa and MasterCard deposits going up to $1,000 per transaction while a wire transfer can vary from $1,500-$2,500. All of this information is available on site, or can be contracted through customer service.

Legal Payout Options

Win real money playing online poker at and it will be time to get paid out. It's all legal here, the process of depositing and withdrawing. There could be variance however in the methods that are chosen.

For example, a credit card method used to deposit won't go back on the card at But a nice alternative might be the check payout option. Three ways, in which it can be sent, a check option can get there in as little as seven days upward of four weeks. There are two important things to keep in mind with payouts though. The first is the time it takes to receive the payout. The second are the fees that can come along with them. Check fees will range depending on speed.

Checks aren't the only thing that can be done though. Western Union and MoneyGram transfers can be done as well, just like with depositing. These payouts can get to a player in less than 48 hours. The amount withdrawn will depend on the fee, as it is a sliding scale and not a flat fee. Game + Tournaments

Greatness awaits players that choose to play online poker Their poker room has grown exponentially over the last couple of years and developed into one of the best the industry has to over. A lot of time and dedication has resulted in the play of all the games that a great poker room should have.

A variety of formats include tournaments, sit-and-go, and cash games, complete with a variety of limits catering to all players with accounts.

Account holders can sign online 24 hours a day, and no matter what the time is, there will be some games available to get in on for real money. Whether it's dinner time, early in the morning, or during peak hours, players will have plenty of games and tables to pick from. Final Assessment is certainly in a league that should be considered among the top legal online poker sites. But the important thing to remember here is that it is a legal option. will allow players from all 50 states in the U.S. to create an account with them. The legal gambling age in a player's state will have to be met as well as the mandated age of 18 on site. is highly regulated and very well run.

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